Alere Circular is on a mission to revolutionize agriculture through advanced recycling and bioengineering techniques. Our high-nutrient bio-fertilizers provide superior farming yields, improved soil biodiversity, and enhanced water retention, while also being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Alere’s system is carbon negative, capturing and storing carbon and displacing biomass that has an extensive carbon/GHG emissions footprint while massively reducing GHG emissions.

The world's growing population and rising living standards are driving demand for food. 

This brings other challenges such as decreasing arable land, soil degradation, and climate change, deteriorating soil fertility, nitrogen leaching, and adverse weather conditions.

Alere Circular offers solutions to these challenges through our superior, sustainable, and carbon-negative bio-fertilizers.


Alere Circular's bio-fertilizers provide multiple benefits to agriculture. Our eco-friendly products offer higher yields and better quality than traditional chemical fertilizers, while also improving soil water and nutrient retention, increasing soil biodiversity, and capturing and storing carbon. Moreover, they are independent from global gas prices and fertilizer imports, and our local, "km 0" approach promotes business proximity and circular solutions for a more sustainable future. By choosing Alere Circular, farmers can improve their crop production while also contributing to a healthier planet.




Comprised of professionals from a variety of disciplines, bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table.

Ove Lerdahl - Founder & Agri-tech Chief
Bruno Vilarasau - Founder & Managing Director
Marc Ingla - Founder & President
Kjell Evensgard - Board Member
Alexis Massman - Marketing
Jon Weyhrauch MSCE - Agri-tech
Svenn-Børge Vatland - Carbon Desk

Alere Circular is expanding operations to Spain and seeking local experts in Agri Tech, Bio Chemistry, Engineering, Operations, and Fertilizer Distribution to join our team. If you're passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and agriculture, contact us to get more info on this exciting journey.